Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Third week and Sydney


The Sky Tower

A Kookaburra

A Cockatoo

The Botantical Gardens
Australia V New Zealand rugby match

On the boat to Manly
In my third week I went on a trip to Science works (another Museum Victoria site) with staff from Melbourne Museum and had a tour around the store rooms. It is located in Spotswood, five kilometres from the Melbourne Central Business District. It was fascinating to see the huge variety of collections they have, ranging from old cars to grandfather clocks, the first ever IPod to a massive collection of wax fruit. After the tour a few of the staff gave a talk on a topic of their choice, this activity is something the staff are trying to do more of as it helps people get to know each other better.  I loved listening to all the talks and thought it was a lovely thing to do as it opens your eyes to different things that you would have never had learnt about.

That week we also had an unexpected visit from Sir David Attenborough! He was in Melbourne for a speaking tour and visited Melbourne Museum unannounced on Wednesday with his daughter. Sir David is fascinated by anthropology and has collected Australian Aboriginal shields for many years, including rainforest shields from Queensland, so he was keen to see local examples from the MV Indigenous Cultures Collection. Sir David's favourite object was an etched shield from New South Wales. He examined it for some time and said, "That is magnificent, and worth a trip all the way to Australia just to see this." Here is the link to the blog about his visit if you want to know more; http://museumvictoria.com.au/about/mv-blog/aug-2012/sir-david-attenborough-drops-in/

On the weekend I took a trip up to Sydney to stay with some friends. It was beautiful and a lot warmer than Melbourne. The streets are fashioned in a winding manner very unlike Melbourne’s grid system, and it had a more of an American feel to it. My friend’s apartment is located in the circular quay so I had fantastic views over to the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. First we went up Sydney’s Sky Tower which had views all over Sydney, we then went to the botanical gardens and saw Cockatoos and Kookaburra’s. Saturday night we went to the Australia V New Zealand rugby game at Sydney’s Olympic stadium which was amazing, we saw the Hakka from New Zealand and in the end they won, it was a brilliant game. Sunday we went to Manly, an island off Sydney which has a sea side/ surfer feel to it and then went back to Sydney and went to the rocks market. It was a great weekend and the Harbour Bridge and opera house are stunning, but I was glad to get back to homely Melbourne.

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