Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Fourth week and Cairns

The new arrival - An African Lion

On the boat

Diving in the Great Barrier Reef

The Rainforest

For my fourth week I carried on with all my research and began to put together my report. I took pictures of all the interesting cartoons or articles in the ‘Aussie’ magazine and then related them to my research on changing attitudes to authority after the war; changing mood after the war; Depictions or acknowledgement of injury – facial and other and Indigenous people and other representations of diversity. I also started to come up with a couple of ideas on how the magazines could be included in the Centenary exhibition and how they could be displayed. On my time off, I also had a chance to visit the National Gallery of Victoria again after arranging a visit with the librarian, to do a bit of research for my dissertation as they have a picture there that relates to my topic. I had a look at their curatorial files which were very useful. This week at the Museum we also had a new arrival - an African Lion! From the Burke Museum in Seattle. If you want to read more about the Lion have a look at the MV blog; http://museumvictoria.com.au/about/mv-blog/aug-2012/isaac-the-african-lion/
This week I was also invited to an exhibition opening by a friend at the Duldig studio in the suburbs of Melbourne. It is a “house museum”—comprised of the residence, sculpture garden and artists’ studio of the internationally renowned sculptor Karl Duldig (1902–1986) and his artist-inventor wife, Slawa Duldig (neĆ© Horowitz, c1902–1975). Karl and his wife fled Vienna during WW2 because they were Jews, to Singapore. Consequently they were also thrown out of Singapore because they were from Germany so they ended up in Melbourne. The exhibition showcased works from the time they spent in Singapore, the walls and floors were covered in art works and we had a talk from Eva their daughter. The exhibition was of much interest to me as they were in Vienna around the time of the Secessionists – a period which I love and I even saw a mask sculpted by Karl that was shown in the Secessionists exhibition in 2011 at the National Gallery of Victoria.
I had an amazing weekend in Cairns, Queensland. Saturday I went to the Great Barrier Reef and I swam with a giant sea turtle and saw a 3 metre shark! The coral is so pretty and the fish are amazing, with rainbow coloured skin. When I saw the giant turtle I swam on top of it and touched it, it also let me swim right next to it and I was looking in its eyes it was amazing! I went to the rainforest on Sunday and went to a small aboriginal town called Kuranda with lots of markets in. The rainforest was beautiful and had gigantic trees and exotic flowers. I also saw waterfalls which were beautiful.

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